Support us with a syndicate

It’s so easy to play and set up…..

  • Just draw up a group of members (each member must be over 16 years of age)
  • Decide how much each member wishes to pay per week (£1 per chance) and the percentage of any prize each member would be entitled to
  • Appoint a person to manage the group to whom any prize money will be paid

Responsibilities to include

  • Collecting the team members’ subscription payments
  • Keeping a payment record for each member
  • Purchasing chances for the group
  • Distributing the winnings

Agreeing to play

Before you start playing it is best to draw up an agreement including the following:

  • The date the agreement was drawn up
  • A list of group members
  • The Group Managers name
  • The amount each members will pay per draw and the corresponding percentage share of any prize
  • A statement of what would happen if a member fails to pay on time

The agreement should be signed and dated by each group member and witnessed and if the group changes a new agreement should be drawn up.

Copies of the agreement should be given to each member and the original kept in a safe place.

To set up your syndicate please ring us on 01633 851051

If you win

We will automatically send the prize cheque to the Group Manager. It is then down to the Group Manager to divide the winnings as per the Group Playing Agreement.