Make A Will Online

Leave a gift in your will to St David’s Hospice Care

Supporters who leave a gift in their will really do transform the care that we can give.  Thanks for reading our guide on how to make a will and leave a gift.

Make a Will Online

You can realise your intention to leave a gift to us in minutes.  We work with Make a Will Online to help our supporters get solicitor checked wills.  Simply go to and follow the prompts.  When you do this we find out when wills are made and when gifts are pledged.  You can also choose to share your contact details with us.  All of this is incredibly useful.  As an added bonus we receive a cash donation each time a supporter makes a will.

See a solicitor…

If you are in any of the following categories you should speak to a solicitor.

  1. If you already have a relationship with a solicitor;
  2. High value estates (details here);
  3. Concerns around testamentary capacity (e.g. if you have a dementia related diagnosis or if you are very poorly)
  4. If you have complicated requirements; or finally
  5. If you would simply speak to someone face to face.

You can find a local solicitor by using the Law Society

Make sure your solicitor properly identifies us by using our full charity name “St David’s Foundation Hospice Care”, the charity number: “1010576”, and our registered address: St. Davids Hospice Care, Blackett Avenue, Newport, NP20 6NH.

Your data

When you make a will using the link above we find out that a will has been made, what type of gifts have been left and (if you share your contact details) who left those gifts.  If you would rather keep the gift in your will completely private use this link to make a will online (we will not receive a donation if you do this). Whichever way you give we are really grateful for any gift in your will.