Thrill seekers

Sky Dive for St David’s Hospice Care

Jump 12,000 feet – free falling at up to 120 mph before your parachute is deployed.

A tandem skydive is the ideal first jump – you still experience the thrill of free fall whilst attached to a fully qualified instructor.

After meeting your instructor, you will be taken through all the training required for you to skydive. This includes a talk through the equipment used, an aircraft orientation and a video presentation showing you the free fall and landing techniques. Training takes about 30 minutes.

The aircraft will fly you up for about 15 minutes to reach the right altitude – and then it’s time to go! The fall is guaranteed to take your breath away.

You will need to raise a minimum of £310. This will cover the cost of the dive and ensure St David’s Hospice Care receives a minimum of £100 to support our work.

A few restrictions:

  • Minimum age to dive is 16 years, and anyone under 18 years will require written parental consent
  • There are medical restrictions – please see the Skydive Swansea website for full details
  • Weight restrictions – Ladies 13 stone maximum in relation to height and men 18 stone maximum in relation to height

Going to take the plunge? simply complete the form below to register your intention to take part – and to request your sponsorship forms – then follow the link to Skydive Swansea to book your dive directly with them.

Running for St David’s Hospice Care

Do you like to run? Are you planning on entering an event?
St David’s welcomes runners of all abilities who undertake to run in an event and raise sponsorship money to support our work.

Just let us know what event you are doing, and we can support you with:

  • Training Plans
  • Running Vest
  • Fundraising Tips