How your donation makes such a difference

Your donation will make a huge difference help us provide our free services to those who need them.

Download a copy of our ‘How Your Donation Makes a Difference’ leaflet here:

How Your Donation Makes a Difference

Here are some examples of how your donation might make a difference:

  • £3 Allows us to issue ‘breathing space’ CD’s made by our complementary therapists.
  • £5 Would allow for a craft kit to be given to children of our unicorn service.
  • £10 We would be able to purchase more ‘remembering’ books which are given to children in order that they can keep memories alive of their special person.
  • £10 Pays for a patient to have lunch and afternoon tea in our day hospice.
  • £20 Could pay for a hospice at home nurse to care for someone in their own home for one hour, giving all the care they so desperately need at the end of their life.
  • £20 Gives one patient a half-hour complementary therapy session.
  • £25 Pays for a session with one of our welfare rights workers, helping patients through a very difficult time.
  • £25 Pays for toys, arts, crafts for the Unicorn team at St David’s. The materials can be used to help children come to terms with their loss.
  • £25 Gives a group of patients a 45 minute movement and dance session.
  • £25 Gives a group of patients a 45 minute visualisation session.
  • £30 Would buy 2 therapy music CDs for patients.
  • £35 Gives a group of patients an hour singing therapy session.
  • £35 Buys 6 bottles of non-alcoholic communion wine.
  • £45 Gives a group of patients a one hour art therapy session.
  • £50 Would give a one hour yoga or mindfulness session.
  • £70 Buys 20 holding crosses for patients as an aid for prayer and comfort for the anxious time a loved one is in our in-patient unit.
  • £100 Would buy art and craft material for the 4 day hospices for one month.
  • £160 Could pay for a hospice at home nurse to stay with a patient overnight and give all the care they need in their own home surrounded by loved ones.
  • £200 Pays for a clinical nurse specialist to visit a patient and their family twice in a week to help stabilise their symptoms.
  • £800 Would supply one year of essential oils for the 4 day hospices.
  • £1,000 Pays for a new syringe driver for use by our patients when they need it most.

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