Spiritual Care

The St David’s Hospice Spiritual Care Team can offer you peace and comfort through challenging times.

Spiritual care, whatever your faith

The St David’s Hospice Care Spiritual Care Team are here to care for the pastoral and spiritual needs of the whole Hospice community. Pastoral and spiritual care is for everyone: for people of all religions and none.

You do not have to follow a particular faith; we will respond to everyone as we find them. Not everyone has a religious faith but we all have a spirituality which is unique to us and represents all that is important in our lives. We will attempt to get to know you as you are.

Being referred to the Hospice can be an anxious time. The Spiritual Care Team is available to meet with, to be with and to listen to patients and their families. We also provide the opportunity for individual prayer and reflection as well as support for patients throughout the Hospice to observe religious practices.  We can arrange for representatives of other faith communities to visit as appropriate.

What is Spiritual Care?

Everyone has a spirituality, it’s part of being human. Spirituality is about the depths of a person, what matters most to them and the things that bring them comfort, and peace. Sometimes, when facing serious illnesses and perhaps even death, questions may arise about life, its meaning, what's been valuable and how these things can help us as we approach the end of life. Our team are here to make sure you find peace and comfort during the final chapters of your life.

The members of the Spiritual Care Team work alongside patients, staff and relatives within the whole Hospice community. To contact a chaplain or to request a visit from a representative of another faith community, please contact the Hospice on 01633 851051 or Enquiries@stdavidshospicecare.org

Memorial Services
Memorial services are arranged throughout the year and an annual Light up a Life event is held.