Meet the Cyclists… Mo Syed


Name Mo Syed
Nickname MoMo
Age 39
Organisation you work for Alexander Ellis Consultants
Occupation Founder / Managing Director
Twitter account For_Luca
Have you got a Facebook account? Yes
Town/city Cardiff
How long have you been cycling for? 2 months
Why did you sign up for the ride? It supports 2 amazing causes
What are you most looking forward to on the ride? Wine and Cheese, making friendships and enjoying such a great challenge!
What are you least looking forward to on the ride? The 60 miles everyday and saddle sore!
Why should people sponsor you? I am built for Rugby not for cycling… Worth £10 to see me squeezed into lycra…
Tell me something unusual about yourself? I am now known as ‘Luca’s Dad’ wherever I g0
If you could have a tandem cycle with anyone, who would be your choice (alive or dead) and why. Chris Frome – I could put my legs up…
One word to describe how you are feeling about the challenge? Nervous!