How your donation makes such a difference

Your donation will make a huge difference help us provide our ‘free’ services

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Pays for a patient to have lunch and afternoon tea in one of our Day Hospices.


Could pay for a Hospice at Home Nurse to care for someone in their own home for one hour, giving the care they so desperately need at the end of their life.


Gives one patient a half-hour Complementary Therapy session.


Pays for a session with one of our Welfare Rights Advisers, helping patients who may have queries re availability of benefits


Pays for toys, arts, crafts for the Unicorn Team at St David’s.  The materials can be used to help children   come to terms with their loss.


Gives a group of patients a 45 minute movement and dance session.


Gives a group of patients a 45 minute visualisation session.


Would buy 2 therapy music CDs for patients


Gives a group of patients a one hour singing therapy session.


Gives a group of patients a one hour art therapy session.


Would give a one hour yoga or mindfulness session.


Would buy art and craft material for the 4 Day Hospices for one month.


Could pay for a Hospice at Home Nurse to stay with a patient overnight and provide the care they need in their own home surrounded by loved ones.


Pays for a Clinical Nurse Specialist to visit a patient and their family twice in a week to help stabilise their symptoms.


Would supply one year of essential oils for complementary therapies at the 4 Day Hospices.


Pays for a new syringe driver for use by our patients when they need it most