A-Z of fundraising ideas

Organise Your Own Event

You can help St David’s Hospice Care by organising your own fundraising event. As well as having fun, you will be helping towards the care of our patients and their families. Some examples of  events are:

Download our A-Z of Fundraising ideas: ‘Click here’ A – Z of Fundraising ideas

  • Garage Sales, Car Boot Sales…and donating the proceeds to St David’s Hospice Care
  • ‘Bring and Buy’ mornings
  • Coffee mornings, BBQs
  • Dress up/Dress down days at work
  • Sponsorship of all kinds – just about anything goes: shaving your head, taking part in a marathon, whatever you have an ambition to do and can get friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to sponsor you for.
  • Concerts and special events
  • Bigger events like community-wide runs and walks

Throughout South East Wales, groups and individuals get involved in arranging their own events to raise much-needed funds for St David’s Hospice Care and we’ll be happy to do all we can to help you with yours. We can help with posters, tickets and general advice whether it be at the end of the phone or e-mail.

We have set up some events below – simply download and print out posters so your event is under way straight away:

Some ideas by month:

  • January – Dry January – Join In – ‘Click” for a poster – Dry January
  • February – Scarf for a Laugh –  ‘Click” for a poster – Scarf for a Laugh
  • March – Hold a Coffee Morning for ‘St David’s Day’ – ‘Click” for a poster – St David’s Day Coffee
  • April – Jeans Day – ‘Click for a poster’ – Jeans Day
  • May – Onesee Day – ‘Click for a poster’ – Onesee Day
  • June – Tea at 3 –  ‘Click for a poster’ – Tea at 3
  • July – Brides Take II – ‘Click here for a poster’ – Brides Take II
  • August – Flip Flop Friday – ‘Click here for a poster’ – Flip Flop Day
  • September – Wine at 9 – ‘Click here for a poster’ – Wine at 9
  • October – Slipper Day – ‘Click here for a poster’ – Slipper Day
  • November – Movember – ‘Click here for a poster’ – Movember
  • December – Jolly Jumper Day – ‘Click here for a poster’ – Jolly Jumper Day

Other suggestions:

  • Handbags & Gladrags – ‘Click here for a poster’ – Handbags & Gladrags
  • Hat Day – ‘Click here for a poster’ – Hat Day
  • Crocs Day – ‘Click here for a poster’ – Croc’s Day
  • Quiz Night – ‘Click here for a poster’ – Quiz Night
  • Tie Day – ‘Click here for a poster’ – Tie Day
  • Odd Socks Day – ‘Click here for a poster’ – Odd Sock Day

You can let us know about your event by contacting the Fundraising department on -fundraising@stdavidshospicecare.org – 01633 851051


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