How we are Funded

All of our care is provided free of charge. However, it costs us £12,700 every single day to provide that care, and that number rises annually.

All of our care is provided completely free of charge. However, this care costs £12,700 every single day, a number that rises in line with the cost-of-living, each year.

From our day hospice that provides patients a home away from home, opportunity to meet others and chat over a hot lunch and a cuppa, to our purpose built 15 bed in-patient hospice. Our community service incorporates a specialist nursing team and our large Hospice at Home team.

The hospice receives only some funding from the NHS Wales to support our work. The hospice relies heavily on its voluntary income. The hospice raises its funds through its retail and fundraising department.

In addition the Hospice operates three core fundraising activities:


Running a network of charity shops, Organising fundraising events, Operating a lottery.

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