Spring Draw 2018

PLEASE NOTE: The closing date of 19th March 2018 has passed. Good luck to everyone who bought tickets and thank you for your support!

Do you deserve a holiday?

Imagine if you won £3,000 – where would you go?

Somewhere warm and sunny? – or would you purchase gifts for the family?

On 23rd March 24 lucky people will win cash prizes, but the real winners will be the local patients receiving free hospice care, and their families benefiting from a network of support to help them through the most distressing times.

The funding that enables St David’s Hospice Care to provide these vital services comes from people like you, who donate goods and money, play our lottery and participate in many varied fundraising events.

We know that what matters to you even more than winning is the fact you know your money will be used to make a difference to local people at the end of their lives. Your money means more people can spend their last days at home surrounded by family and friends.

If you would like to help, purchase your tickets before the closing date of 19th March 2018.

The winners will be drawn on 23th March 2018. If you would like additional tickets or have any questions concerning this Spring Draw, please feel free to contact us on 01633 851050.

For any queries, please email Fundraising:


Thank you for your support!